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What Does the Turntable System HQKZ-006 Come With?

What Does the Turntable System HQKZ-006 Come With?

This is the RetroLife HQKZ006, which is a gorgeous weighted turntable that covers the bases of modern features that maintains a grip on retro high fidelity love.

Set up out of the box is super easy. There's the rubber band belt drive which you can just stick your finger through the metal platter in order to connect it to the motor and set it over the actual spindle.

[adjustable counterweight]

Installing the counter weight was pretty easy too with cut out grooves in order to put it on there. You'll pretty much want to balance your tone arm and if you don't know how to do that you just kind of get to a point where you balance the tone arm to where it's level balancing on its own and then you hold it and make micro adjustments from there.

[piano lacquered finish]

The finish on the entire turntable is a smooth piano lacquered finish that is this nice wood look and it comes in two colors. Red wine and brown.

[vibration absorbent feet]

On the bottom are three vibration absorbent feet which is fantastic. So if you're making any kind of hits on the table hopefully these feet are going to do their job to absorb that and not cause any distress to the record that you have playing.

[hinge dust cover]

It does include a hinge dust cover which covers the entire surface of this table and that is fantastic because it looks nice and of course if you're anything like me and you've got a little bit of dust in your house you want to protect that vinyl as much as possible from dust falling on it and building up under the needle as it spins.

[ground line connection]

On the rear is a ground line but there's no ground cable included so you already need one from your receiver to this if you're going receiver.

[RCA connection]

You have RCA left right, the phono bypass toggle so if you wanted to skip going line whether it's the bluetooth preamp inside or the RCA preamp going to a speaker. If you want to bypass that and go phono for the most high fidelity love it does have a toggle switch so you can bypass the preamp inside and go right to phono to a receiver or amplifier.

[vinyl convert to MP3]

It has a USB type B and this type B will go to USB type A for your PC if you wanted to do things like ripping audio from your vinyl records and making them digital on your computer that is something you can do with this turntable.

[Bluetooth output]

You might have questions about bluetooth and I will provide your answer here. It transmits bluetooth out automatically to any bluetooth capable speaker with 5.2 Bluetooth version or below.

[correct speed]

The available speeds on this turntable are 33 1/3 and 45. The turntable is fully manual with auto-stop feature so when the tone arm reaches what would be the innermost toggle it just continues to spin until you go and acknowledge it by turning it off or lifting the arm and bringing it back over.

[ATN-3600L cartridge and stylus]

The turntable as I mentioned earlier does come pre-equipped with an Audio Technica 3600L needle. This may be one of the most common needles available on the market. They're easy to replace and they're easy to use and install. And they're just generally pretty good.

Many music lovers love this thing and it gets a big thumbs up from them. Hopefully you found this helpful and useful to you and it answered some questions that you might have about it.

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