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To satisfy our customers with high-quality products at affordable prices, we have our own factory to produce and process products. We are dedicated to taking this direct-to-Consumer business path.

Our Prices: We are a direct-to-consumer company, which means that customers directly get products from our factory! As a leading record-holder brand, we produce a high volume of products each year and try our best to benefit our customers more.

Our Packaging: Environmental consideration is top of mind at Retrolife. Along with sourcing our materials, all of our accessories are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Besides, our products are packaged in a recyclable box, and our packaging is designed to be reused.

Advanced production equipment: With years of development, our factory is equipped with a complete set of sophisticated facilities and the most modern production technology.

Focus on premium quality turntables: As more young people’s needs for record players change, our product ideas are also changing accordingly. So you can see that most of our products are made with retro and modern elements. This also means that we must pay more attention to quality control in order to maintain our current position in the market.

Caring and Environment-Friendly: We care for our workers, provide a good working environment, and promote the healthiest working methods. Of course, this is also the key to our attention to environmental protection as a manufacturer.

Strictly control the process: To ensure high-quality product supply, we strictly control the production process that involves material choice, production of small parts, assembly, and packaging. This process ensures that the record player remains safe, easy to operate, and premium throughout its lifetime.