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Why Become a Retrolife Brand Ambassador?

As a brand ambassador, you will enjoy:

  • Major Discounts: Exclusive discounts across our products line.
  • Early Access: Be the first to explore our upcoming releases.
  • Become a Featured Star: Get featured on our social channels and website.
  • Participate in Events: Exclusive invites to our record launches, brand events, and more.
  • Earn With Us: Generous commissions through our affiliate marketing system.
  • Retrolife Swag: Regular deliveries of Retrolife branded goodies to show off your badge of honor.

Who Can Apply?

We're looking for individuals who possess a fiery passion for vinyl, music, and Retrolife products. You should have an engaging social media presence and willingness to share your experiences with our products to your audience.

How to Become an Ambassador?

To become a part of our ambassador program, email Let us know about your love for vinyl and why you are fit to be an ambassador for Retrolife.

Some Brand Ambassador Stories


Emma, a music student, discovered her love for vinyl through her father's old record collection. As a Retrolife Ambassador, she shares her vinyl journey with her followers, inspiring many to experience the textured, rich sounds of vinyl music. Her enthusiasm for vinyl and our Retrolife record player has reshaped many people's perception of this beautiful art form.


Oliver is a DJ and music producer who has always been an advocate for vinyl records. Loving our Retrolife record player's seamless blend of retro charm and modern technology, he became a Retrolife Ambassador. Through his fascinating mixes and storytelling, he transports his followers into the captivating world of vinyl music.


For Sophia, a visual artist, vinyl records are all about emotional, immersive experiences. As a Retrolife Ambassador, she spins tales intertwined with music on her Retrolife record player, creating art that transcends conventional boundaries. Her mesmerizing images and stories showcasing our record players have won the hearts of many.

Join us;

Let's experience the magic of vinyl together and share its joy with the world.