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Create a whole new way of living with the Retrolife record players is the leading resource for vinyl collectors and music lovers. The RetroLife you see today integrates the interests and needs of vinyl lovers into the vinyl design concept, and also appropriately incorporates the trendy elements of popular young personalities.

  • All-in-one Record Player: An all-in-one record player is a portable music player that combines a record player and a turntable with a built-in rotatable record cover, needle, amplifier, and speaker.
  • Bluetooth Turntable: A bluetooth turntable is a device that can wirelessly transmit audio signals from bluetooth to the turntable. It connects with mobile phones or music players via bluetooth technology, allowing users to play their favorite music on the turntable without using wires or cables.
  • Turntable with Speakers: A turntable with speakers is a device that combines a turntable with speakers. It usually has a rotating disc and a play button for playing the record, and can also be equipped with a pair of speakers so that the listener can hear the music played by the record. Turntable with speakers is often used for music performance, recording and listening.
  • Portable Turntable: The Portable turntable is a portable record spinner that quickly and easily spins records so you can enjoy your music. Portable turntables are often used in portable audio systems or personal music players, allowing you to enjoy music anywhere. They're usually small and lightweight enough to take anywhere, and feature high-quality rotation to ensure you get the best musical experience possible.

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