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Modern Bluetooth In&Out Turntable with 40W HiFi Speakers System UD006

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*The UD006 turntable is currently out of stock in our US warehouse. We expect to receive new stock in half a month to a month. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews

I researched for a long time to find a device that was cool, attractive and sounded great. I'm glad I chose retrolife. After setting it up for about 15 minutes, I turned it on and just smiled wildly. The finish is beautiful and the sound is great. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants to go back to vinyl like I did.


Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. This was his first record player and I wanted to find myself something high quality at a reasonable price. For the price, it's perfect! I'm brand new to vinyl and this is exactly what I was looking for. I also like that it's bluetooth compatible. The sound is perfect, but definitely worth listening to. The sound quality is excellent, and the volume actually gets pretty loud. 100% recommended.


I'll start by saying that I don't know much about vinyl records or record players, but I just got a bunch of old records from my mom and I want to hear them. The record player came in and I was rocking with Jim Croce and noticed some silence. I put it down to the old record, but when I bought a brand new record it had the same problem. I started reading the manual and found that I never received the counterweight. I contacted the company and they responded within 24 hours and delivered the weights for free within 4 days! All my records now sound great. Great customer service and great product. Couldn't be happier. Just make sure you read the manual!


My son is a high school student and started collecting vinyl records about a year ago. He doesn't have a record player. I asked him if he would like to actually listen to the recordings, or just show them in a frame. He quickly asked to borrow mine. After 6 months, I decided it was time for him to have his own. It was a 17th birthday present and he loved it! He set it up himself without any problems. He likes sound. I like how it looks. It will grow with him. I can see it in his first apartment. Great purchase!


I am very satisfied with this turntable. It looks great, sounds great, and is easy to set up. I have read many reviews and decided to buy it. When I first got it, it took a while to figure out how to balance the arm and find the best settings. The appearance is also very beautiful, and the quality is also super good! I was impressed with the speakers - better sound quality than my soundbar! I like the weighted needle and the sturdiness of the design. What a beautiful system!

Unparalleled Performance

These active speakers are equipped with an integrated 40W amplifier, providing clean, room-filling stereo.

Wireless Bluetooth Input

They offer a convenient way to play music or audio content on other devices.

Quality Turntable Components

Equipped with high-performance components to replicate performances as the artist intended.

Powerful Speakers

Lightweight and sturdy, these powerful speakers can produce detailed mid-range and clean undistorted bass.

Precision-made Wood Cabinet

Enjoy the warm sound from the internally braced MDF wooden cabinet.

Simple Audio Settings

Simple plug-and-play setup, you can easily switch between vinyl records and streaming your favorite music applications - no separate amplifier needed.

Flexible Vinyl Listening Experience

Make your vinyl listening experience more convenient and flexible. Even when you want to switch between vinyl and digital music, or listen to your records in another room, you can do it with ease.

Wireless Input

This feature allows your turntable system to connect to other devices - such as smartphones, tablets, or computers - wirelessly.

Wireless Output

With Bluetooth output, your turntable can send the audio wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices. This could be a Bluetooth speaker, soundbar, or headphones.

Vintage Brown Wooden Finish

The warm aesthetics of the wood grain give the UD006 record player a timeless charm that enhances the overall atmosphere when listening to music. The analog sound it produces carries a distinct richness and depth that digital music often lacks. This warm, nuanced sound makes the listening experience incredibly engaging and deeply personal.

High-Quality, Clear Sound

Equipped with two 20W external speakers, this turntable HiFi system brings your music listening experience to life by providing high-quality, clear sound with good volume. These powerful speakers can fill a room with music, enhancing the depth and richness of the audio. It allows for a more immersive and satisfying listening experience.

Wider Music Choices

Whether you're a rock fan, jazz aficionado, or classical connoisseur, you can find suitable vinyl records to meet your needs through UD006 turntable system, which supports 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds and 7", 10", and 12" vinyl records.

Enjoy your Records with Quality Components

These features provide a dynamic, vibrant, and convenient vinyl listening experience.

Durable MM Stylus

This produces excellent, crystal-clear sound quality.

Adjustable Counterweight

This helps ensure the stylus is balanced and tracks correctly.

Auto-Stop Function

Preserve your stylus by preventing unnecessary wear.

Expanded Listening Options

Enjoy your favorite vinyl tracks on the go without having to worry about damaging the original records.

RCA Output Support

Connect the turntable to your external speakers or a home stereo system to adjust your listening experience.

Vinyl to MP3 Function

It allows for the conversion and preservation of vinyl music in a more modern and portable format.

Convenient for Music Lovers

The UD006 Turntable HiFi System is designed with user-friendliness in mind, which means even novices in the realm of vinyl can set up the system with ease.

    • Turntable

      • Model: UD006
      • Audio Output: Dual 20W External Bookshelf Speakers
      • Power adaptor: 100-240V 50/60Hz, DC output: 9V 2000mA
      • Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz
      • Cartridge: Audio Technica 3600L MM Cartridge
      • Speed: 33 1/3, 45RPM
      • Record size support: 7"10"12"
      • Phono amplifier: Yes
      • Built-in amp: Yes


    • Model: UD006
    • Audio Output: Dual 20W External Bookshelf Speakers
    • Power adaptor: 100-240V 50/60Hz, DC output: 9V 2000mA
    • Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz
    • Cartridge: Audio Technica 3600L MM Cartridge
    • Speed: 33 1/3, 45RPM
    • Record size support: 7"10"12"
    • Phono amplifier: Yes
    • Built-in amp: Yes