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Modern with classic feel and look

Amazing for the price and looks beautiful in the home with my records

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that you find it amazing for the price and that it looks beautiful in your home with your records. Enjoy!

What a gem

The turntable is an absolute gem for beginners and music lovers alike! Setting it up was a breeze with its simple and straightforward operation. The AUX input port is a handy feature for playing mp3 music, and the detachable hinged dust cover not only protects your records but also doesn't interfere with playback when closed. Its high-end vintage look makes it an excellent gift for birthdays and Christmas.

With three-speed options (33⅓, 45, 78 RPM) and an auto-stop function, it plays all types of vinyl records while protecting them from unnecessary wear. The included 45 RPM adaptor is a nice touch.

Bluetooth connectivity is a standout feature, allowing me to pair the turntable with various devices like smartphones and tablets for a seamless music experience. The two external speakers deliver rich, full sound and can be connected via dual RCA output cables, making it versatile for different occasions. Whether in the garden, living room, or at a party, the volume is more than sufficient.

The vintage-looking design is stunning, and the dual-powered bookshelf speakers add a touch of elegance and practicality. The attention to detail is evident, making this turntable a top choice over more affordable models.

Works great for small space!

Originally I didn’t want to get a record player with speakers due to small space. But my last one was small no speaker, the sound wasn’t good at all. I’ve learnt my lesson, I went with this one with 2 speakers. So glad I picked this one! I put speakers side by side underneath the player, totally fits into my small space!

Quality item

This record player is very sturdy and well made. Good quality item that is a good value.

Good sound quality. cheap. Works well. Easy to use. Recommend!

Excellent quality audiophile level turntable

Been listening to vinyl since the 1970's and needed a new turntable, the old Dual died after 40 years. I did a bit of research and this model of Retrolife checked all my boxes. The turntable quality is good, sound quality is acceptable, has many moden features, is attractive to look at and it's affordable. Very happy with my purchase.

I've gone retro, and love it

It's fantastic. I haven't had a record player since sometime in the 80's, but I still have some records! This looked like a good deal, so I decided to try it out. Well, it does everything it says it can. The first album I tried out was "Thriller", and the King of Pop sounded just like I remembered him. I mean, if you want to show your kids how we used to listen to music, this is exactly it. The pop and hiss, the deep rich sound. Sure it's not a 4d experience, but it was authentic to my youth and sounded great. The speakers put out decent sound, not too loud but loud enough for rocking a party in your rec room. The arm has a lever to raise and lower the needle, so you don't have to rely on steady hands, and it has the adapter so that you can play 45s on it too. It will play 33's, 45's, and 78's, not that I have any 78's, I'm not THAT old.
I also tried out the Bluetooth and had no problems at all. Played some music from my phone directly to the speakers, worked just as advertised.

Sound, appearance

Good sound quality, looks vintage, performs well. Easy to set up and use, good value for the whole setup. Highly recommend

Sounds Great!!

This little record player is really nice. It's very basic, but for the price it is a good little spinner. Great sound as well. The only problem i had was that the needle it came with was VERY sensetive to any scratches on my older records, like incredibly sensitive, we're talking about barely noticeable
scratches, that my old player did not pick up, however it was a quick easy fix, i just replaced the needle and all was well, no more skipping. If you're looking for a good sounding, basic record player at a good price, this one is a very good option. I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend this player.

Sleek and elegant!

I’m writing about the ivory white with 2 external speakers option. This is a great turntable that rises comfortably above “entry level”. I own a better (and much more expensive) one, but needed a second turntable that didn’t sacrifice quality. I’m so happy with this purchase.

Setup was easy and everything feels well made. It’s low profile in the sense that it doesn’t take up much space. Certainly bigger speakers could pack more punch, but that’s not what this turntable was designed for. The sound is perfectly good for filling up a room with lavish analog music.

Oh, and you connect to the speaker via bluetooth. That’s the new standard, but it’s always appreciated nonetheless.

You can stand the speakers up vertically or horizontally. I have mine laying flat to keep that low profile aesthetic. The player has three speeds, but I’ve only used the main one. Full sized records extend a bit out of the glass when playing, and honestly I love that look. I have never seen that before.

Collecting vinyl is a whole vibe. The artwork on covers, storing and displaying your collection. This player is perfect for that. And I got it just in time before TS’s new album drops!

My star ratings explained:
5 stars = Exceptional. I recommend to friends.
4 stars = Exceeded expectations.
3 stars = Met expectations. Satisfied with purchase but not overwhelmed.
2 stars = Failed to meet expectations but usable.
1 star = Avoid.

Bringing Back the Classics: A Review of the Brandretrolife Record Player

My husband and I are huge vinyl enthusiasts, but sadly, our old record player finally gave up the ghost. We were on the hunt for a new one that captured the magic of our old setup, and after a bit of searching, we found the perfect match: the Brandretrolife Record Player.

This record player hits all the high notes for us. First and foremost, it sounds fantastic. The built-in speakers deliver clear, rich audio that perfectly complements the warm tones of vinyl records. We love feeling like we're right there in the studio with our favorite artists.

Beyond the sound quality, the vintage design is absolutely stunning. The wood-brown finish and minimalist aesthetic make it a beautiful addition to our living room. It's the perfect conversation starter, and it always catches the eye of our guests.

Functionality is another major plus. This record player is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. Setting it up was a breeze, and the instructions were clear and concise. We love that it has three speeds (33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM) to accommodate all of our records, and the auto-stop function is a nice touch that helps protect our precious vinyl collection.

The fact that this record player has built-in Bluetooth connectivity is a bonus feature we weren't expecting. It allows us to stream music directly from our phones to the speakers, which is great for when we want to take a break from our vinyl collection.

Overall, we're absolutely thrilled with the Brandseasonlife Record Player. It delivers amazing sound quality, has a gorgeous vintage design, and is surprisingly easy to use. Whether you're a seasoned vinyl collector or a curious newcomer, this record player is a fantastic choice. We highly recommend it!

Great sound quality and giftable

We have had this record player for months now, and I can say that the sound quality is great! The speakers that it comes with are surprisingly really good. I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. This record player is simple to use, we followed the instructions in the manual and were able to show our kids how to use it on their own too. This is definitely impressive as a gift and is really a fun thing to have in our home. Highly recommended! Hope this helps you.

Had to Get Some Vinyl

I love this record player. It was so easy to use. We put it in our living room and while we thought we had some old records in the attic, we didn't. A quick trip to the thrift store took care of that. We found a couple of great records and the sound of the record player sounded great. We are so glad to have it. It adds to the room and everyone is so jealous. I tell them where to get one of their own. It is well worth the money. I highly recommend it.

Easy to use, has speakers, has Bluetooth, has 45 rpm adapter AND plays all THREE speeds of records!!

THE GOOD: I neglected to mention in the video that there IS a volume control as well.

It comes with a protective cover over the fragile needle. You slide the cover towards the end of the arm it is mounted on, and the cover slides right off.

The instructions are excellent and SHOULD BE FOLLOWED when putting the turntable and its speakers away or packing them for transport.

I feel that the compact size, included speakers, Bluetooth capability, ability to play ALL record speeds, and a radio cable jack port (no radio jack cable included) make this a good buy for the price.

Treats my vinyl well

The speakers have good pop and decent bass. Good mid-range choice with adjustable weight arm and good performance. Would definitely buy again.

Only downside is there is no auto-stop feature. Supposedly it will stop the motor after 3 minutes of silence but doesn't seem to work.

Looks great, sounds great. Perfect for the space. It's not SUPER loud but the sound quality is good - I live in an apartment so anything louder would probably kerfuffle my neighbors anyways. I love it so far!

Loooove this !!!

Very easy assembly. Sound and bass is out of this world. Sooo good for a built in speakers turntable. Seasonlife really is a good brand. Big upgrade from my Jenson built in speaker turntable.

Great sound!

I absolutely love the sound quality on this turntable! I am very pleased with the look of the machine and am really enjoying it.

all around great

bought for my 25 yr old. he started a vinyl collection and had one of the walmart little record players.. this one is a definite upgrade! great sound, much nicer than expected. vibrations are controlled and does not bother the needle or record playing at all.
nice product!

I absolutely love this turntable!! It's everything I hoped for and more! It's beautiful and great quality! 10/10 recommend!!!

I also have a high-end TT system as well but wanted something I can use in my office with BT headphones. For the price point you get a lot of features (eg anti-skate, the ability to adjust tracking pressure etc) that you normally donĄŻt get at this price point. That was a big selling point for me. I love the acrylic and aluminum look as well. Visually itĄŻs beautiful.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth is not as advertised. ItĄŻs very unstable, even at 2 meters (~6.5 ft) and I have to be facing it. Any movement causes the sound to cut out. IĄŻve tested this with headphones that have older BT versions to one that has 5.1 and aptX. ItĄŻs almost unusable. IĄŻm currently looking to purchase a BT transmitter to bypass the one thatĄŻs built-in. If you do use this with headphones I highly recommend using headphones that allows you to adjust the EQ settings via an app. What comes out of the TT is a little Ą°tinnyĄą since itĄŻs being compressed and youĄŻre not getting the true vinyl sound.

My wife loves it

My wife started to collect vinyl disk so i was pretty sure this was a perfect gift for her, I was not wrong. Now she uses every day in every place in the house lol, this is well made even sounds a amazing, I know you can even plug some speakers but I haven't tried that yet, and also it has Bluetooth option too, good purchase - gift imo.