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Review of Turntable Speaker System SY101

Review of Turntable Speaker System SY101

So this record player works out perfectly for me and my new house. It actually came out pretty easy right there. Box inside a box. That means this thing is going to be really protected here.

Those both come off beautifully. Look at that beautiful wood. This is one of the things that attracted me to the company was that the turntable itself, the body of it is on this wood.

Got a beautiful arm there. Nice controls, everything.

Again, beautiful wood speakers on this. Let's get one of these out of here. I want to see this. Look at that. That is so nice. I'm a big fan of stained wood things.

And you got a nice stained system, you know, stained wood system. I think it's a pretty beautiful thing. I don't know if you can see through the screen that's on this, but it's a nice shaped speaker that's in there, both the woofer and tweeter that are in those.

So as I mentioned, instructions are a good thing. They do come with them. I'm going to do the belt that has to go on this here and also do the counterweight and so forth. So very simple here.

This thing is looking really good here. I talked about the stained wood on it. I happen to be a real fan of that sort of thing. I think the aesthetics of this is very nice. The quality of this thing, it looks really sharp and elegant and that sort. I mean, it's a nice way to display the albums and so forth.

It's all very crisp and clear. It's doing what it should do for a vinyl record, an analog source material like this. It's allowing all of those things to remain independent, upfront, and so forth. I think this system is doing it. It's bringing out the qualities of what I love about vinyl. For the dollar amount that this is, I think you're getting a really great system that looks beautiful, sounds good, nice aesthetics, all that sort of stuff.

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