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How To Replace Turntable Cartridge

How To Replace Turntable Cartridge

The turntable cartridge is one of the key pieces of equipment that directly affects the sound of a vinyl record. Whether the magnet is vibrating and the coil is fixed, or the magnet is fixed and the coil is vibrating, it will cut the magnetic lines and generate current, and the size of this current is issued with the size of the music signal vibration. These currents will be converted into voltage form and input to the preamp, then through a RAA equalization line reduction in the preamp, continue to enter the signal amplification most, and finally from the speaker to send out music.

Replacing the phono cartridge is actually very easy, you just need to learn a few simple steps, you can replace it yourself at home.

How to Replace a Record Needle Safely and Easily

Remove the Phono Cartridge from the Turntable
1. Place your hand in the middle of the needle.
2. Gently force down and wrench the old needle with a screwdriver nozzle alignment.
3. Carefully grasp the four phono arm wires, using a plastic sleeve to keep the wires in place.
4. Finally, remove the phono head by hand.

How to Replace a Turntable Cartridge - Sound Matters

Install the Replacement Phono Cartridge
1. Grab the front of the new needle and the middle of the head with your hands.
2. Connect the new phono head to the phono arm wires. Each colored phono arm wire has a corresponding color on the phono head, and push the phono head in gently.
3. Finally, insert the hood screw into the slot on the hood and then through the slot on the phono housing. Use your fingers to hold the hood nut in place, then turn the screw until the threads snap into place.

How to Replace a Turntable Cartridge - Sound Matters

After replacing the cartridge, use a protractor or alignment tool to ensure that the cartridge is properly aligned, and check your vertical tracking force with a stylus force gauge.


Finally, here is a reference video to help you understand how to replace the phono cartridge more clearly and intuitively.




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