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User Generated Content

Get up to 20% rebate on orders.

Have you heard of UGC?

The full name of UGC is USER GENARATED CONTENT, which refers to content created by someone who is not an official representative of the business. But as a popular brand, we need the real voice and real picture of users. Because we want more people to know us, which can help them find the most approachable record player provider.

At the same time, we sincerely hope that users can comment on Retrolife from different dimensions, comment on the products purchased from Retrolife, share the installation and use of the products, and provide reference and understanding for more vinyl players;

Content produced in the form of text, pictures, videos, etc. will be published in product reviews on our website or other platforms such as social media for dissemination and network circulation.

Why do we do this?

From the launch of Retrolife in December 2021 to December 31, 2022, retrolifeplayer.com has gained 545,986 vinyl collectors and music lovers to visit our website, and each person spends an average of 144 seconds on our website , received orders from more than 50,000 vinyl players.

In 2023, we have a bigger strategic goal: to gain the support of more than 5% of vinyl players in the United States.

Therefore, more challenging strategic goals need to be supported by more robust execution strategies.


Retrolife owners who have purchased products from retrolifeplayer.com within 12 months and identify with Retrolife are eligible to participate in the UGC Incentive Campaign!
* This UGC incentive campaign starts with June 1, 2023 and ends on September 15, 2023!
June 1, 2023
Retrolife UGC Incentive Campaign begins...
September 15, 2023
Retrolife UGC Incentive Campaign ends. Thank you to everyone involved for supporting our brand and events.

Share a review on our website

Share a positive review of your purchase on our website product page!


1. 40+ words

2. 5-star reviews

3. Upload pictures or videos of installed product scenes

Share posts on social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Share a post with a demo video on any social media platform!


1. briefly describe your experience
2. a demonstration of the product you installed
3. a 15s+ product demo video
4. Tag @Retrolife


Share the installation tutorial or how you feel about it on YouTube

The specific use and installation of some product models may be a bit difficult for vinyl beginners. Share a set-up tutorial that will be of great help to other owners!

1. A complete product installation tutorial; set to public
2. Show the Retrolife logo on the thumbnail
3.Video with "Retrolife" in the title
4. Tag @RetroLife-Player in the video description, and include a link to the product page

Review products on YouTube

Share any product demos, accessories replacement, tips and tricks with YouTube!


1. Share product usage and features; set the video to public

2. Show the Retrolife logo on the thumbnai

3.Video with "Retrolife" in the titlel

4. Tag @RetroLife-Player in the video description and include a link to the product page

Try-To-Receive-Your-UGC-Rebates-Once-You-Become-Retrolife's-Customer Try-To-Receive-Your-UGC-Rebates-Once-You-Become-Retrolife's-Customer


After producing any kind of UGC content and posting it, you only need to send us your order number, a screenshot of the UGC content, and your PayPal payment account number to business@retrolifeplayer.com, and we will transfer the corresponding order amount proportionally within 7 working days after confirming that the content you have posted is in line with our requirements, and notify you by email!

Please note: We may repost your share or tag you on our social media platforms.
Send Us A Confirmation Email

Terms and Conditions

*Participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for participation in this event:

1. Participants must study the rules of the Activity carefully. By submitting an event application, participants will be deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of the event, as well as those that may be introduced by Retrolife at a later date.

2. All information provided by the participant in the application form must be true and accurate.

3. Retrolife reserves the right to close applications at any time without notice.

4. Shipping costs do not count in the rebate calculation.

5. Only customers who purchased directly from retrolifeplayer.com are eligible to participate in this campaign.

6. Each post or video can only be used to fulfill one of the 4 requirements (i.e. videos containing product reviews and installation tutorials are only eligible for a maximum of 15% bonus)

7. Participants are allowed to share multiple products installed in the same post or video.

8. Comments, posts, and videos should be meaningful. If they do not meet our requirements, we may disqualify the application.

9. Retrolife reserves the right to modify this charter procedure. In case of any dispute, Retrolife reserves the right of final decision.