My turntable won't turn.

Make sure the power connection is normal and check if the power cord is plugged in properly. If the problem persists, check the power switch and wiring.

The turntable won't play my records.

Check that the record is properly seated on the turntable and that the stylus is making good contact with the record. Clean the stylus to ensure smooth playback. Buy Needle Clean Gel if you are new to vinyl record player.

There's buzz or noise during playback.

Clean the surface of the record to make sure the record is free of scratches. Check the stylus and turntable connections, the stylus may need to be reinstalled.

Record playback speed is unstable.

Adjust the speed control of the turntable to make sure it matches the standard speed. Make sure the turntable is tuned to the button that corresponds to the speed of the record. The drive belt may need to be replaced or the turntable motor calibrated. Replacement drive belt can be easily found at our site, please contact us if you don't find the right model on the product page.

Skipping occurs when the record is playing.

Make sure the turntable is placed on a stable surface free from vibration. Check the stylus for damage and replace if necessary. Also make sure the record is in good condition.

Low volume or no sound.

Check if the audio cable is properly connected. Adjust your audio settings to make sure the volume is moderate. Check that the speakers or audio equipment is working properly.

Worn or damaged stylus.

The stylus itself is a consumable, and the stylus life of each turntable is limited. Regularly check the condition of the stylus and replace worn styli to maintain sound and playback quality. Buy replacement needles for Retrolife products here.

The record player fails to stop automatically.

Adjust the setting of the auto-stop function, (the auto-stop function will only work if the auto-stop button on the turntable is turned on) to ensure that it stops playback at the correct position. Contact us if you are not sure there's auto-stop function on your record player.

The record does not spin smoothly.

First check that there are no other sundries in the turntable. If there is still uneven rotation, please check whether the belt is installed correctly, and then properly clean and lubricate the turntable bearings to ensure that the turntable rotates smoothly.

The switch will not turn the turntable on or off.

Check that the power cord is securely connected. Try using a different electrical outlet or power adapter. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to check the power switch or related circuitry inside the turntable. If the power cord is damaged, you can purchase a replacement power cord on the website yourself. If you cannot find the corresponding style of power cord on the website to place an order, please contact our customer service for inquiries.

Static is heard while the record is playing.

Make sure turntables and speaker equipment are kept away from other electronic equipments to reduce interference.

The volume of the record player is unbalanced, it seems that only one speaker is playing the sound.

Check whether the audio cables on both sides are connected correctly, and ensure that both the left and right channels have sound output. Adjust the settings on your stereo or amplifier to balance the volume. This situation may happen to our turntable speaker system series. If you don’t know how to connect the turntable to the matching speakers, please contact our professional customer personnel for one-on-one teaching.

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