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What goods or services can these gift cards be used for?

The gift cards can be used for everything including turntables, speakers, media stands, accessories etc. at our site, and we offer lifetime customer support for all of our customers.

Do gift cards have an expiration date?

No. Gift cards never expire until you use up the money in them.

Can multiple gift cards be used on the site at the same time?

Of course! If you have multiple gift cards, you can choose to use multiple gift cards for deduction when you purchase products on our website.

Can I pay part of the amount with a gift card?

Yes! You may pay part of the amount with a gift card and then pay the rest with other payment methods.

How do I enter a gift card code when purchasing?


Can gift cards be exchanged for cash?

No. Our gift cards are completely digital.

If a gift card is lost, can it be replaced or refunded?

There's no possibility to lose a gift card, because we send the gift card to your email address.

Can the gift card be transferred to another person?

Yes. If youwanna transfer the gift card to another person, you can forward that email to your recipient at your convenience.

Is gift card use restricted to specific products or offers?

No. You can use the gift card to buy any products and never miss out to enjoy the offers.

Can I pay for shipping or taxes with a gift card?

Yes. The shipping and taxes are indluded in the total of the order, you may use your gift card to pay them all.

Do gift cards work with promotions or discounted items?

Of course. You can use the gift card to check out something that's in promotion or discounted.

Can gift cards be used in offline physical stores?

No. The gift cards are just valid on the website shopping.

Where can I purchase such a wonderful thing?