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ICE1 Turntable: Transparent Turntable in INDlEGoGo Crowdfunding

ICE1 Turntable: Transparent Turntable in INDlEGoGo Crowdfunding


Music is an integral part of our lives, it can touch our emotions, bring us endless pleasure and memories. And now, there is an exciting project that is attracting enthusiastic attention on the INDIEGOGO platform - acrylic transparent Bluetooth vinyl turntable. This turntable is not only eye-catching with its unique appearance, but also brings the music experience to a whole new level. Let's explore this exciting project together!

1. The future of music has come:

Acrylic transparent bluetooth vinyl turntable is an innovative product that combines tradition and modernity. It builds on the classic vinyl record with modern Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and convenience. This project aims to bring vinyl records into modern life, bringing more possibilities and convenience to music lovers.

2. Breaking through the traditional appearance design:

The acrylic transparent Bluetooth vinyl turntable has become one of the highlights of the project with its unique transparent appearance. It is made of high-quality acrylic material that exudes stunning beauty and modernity. Not only can you see the rotation process of vinyl records at a glance, but also bring a new visual enjoyment to music appreciators.

3. Seamless connection and convenience:

This vinyl turntable has built-in Bluetooth technology, which can be connected wirelessly with various Bluetooth speakers, headphones and other devices. This means you can easily pair it with your favorite audio devices and enjoy the wireless freedom of high-quality music. No longer limited by a wired connection, you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere, anytime.

4. High-quality sound quality and excellent performance:

Acrylic clear bluetooth vinyl turntable is not only unique in appearance, but also excellent in sound quality and performance. It uses advanced audio processing technology and high-quality components to ensure high-fidelity and detailed audio performance. Whether it is a grand symphony of classical music or a passionate performance of a rock band, you can feel the authenticity and shock of the music.

5. Opportunity for Crowdfunding Participation:

Now is your chance to be a part of this exciting project! By participating in INDIEGOGO's crowdfunding, you can not only get acrylic transparent Bluetooth vinyl turntable, but also enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards. And, by sharing your crowdfunding campaign, you stand a chance to earn a commission, sharing the opportunity of this musical revolution with more people.


The emergence of acrylic transparent Bluetooth vinyl turntable brings unprecedented experience and convenience to music lovers. Its unique look, high-quality sound and wireless connectivity make it one of the future of music. By participating in INDIEGOGO's crowdfunding, you can be an enabler of this musical revolution.

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