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Why do you need to increase the weight of vinyl records

Why do you need to increase the weight of vinyl records

This is the most basic adjustment, we should at least have a small level meter, the observation part is the base and turntable, both should be the same level, if there is inconsistency and can not be adjusted, the turntable should be the main, especially the turntable, if the turntable itself is not level, there is nothing to sing. Because it is not level, the anti-slip will have problems, the record groove two sides of the force is also different. In this way, many problems will arise. It should be noted that some models of turntables are designed with a concave surface in the middle, which can be adjusted in a symmetrical way, while for some floppy models this adjustment may need to be done at any time.

Adjustment method
Use a level meter. There are two kinds of level meter, one is round with a hole in the middle, which can be set in the center of the spindle. The other is a long type, you can measure the level of a larger surface area or not. The best way is to prepare both, first use the long type level meter side turntable level or not. Then use the round one to measure the level of the turntable or not.

Test Results
Visual inspection to see if the bubble in the middle on the right.

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