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Basic Operating Knowledge on Record Players

Basic Operating Knowledge on Record Players

Newcomers in the use of the record player is easy because of improper operation leads to some damage to the record player action appears, before using to understand the basic operation, you can use in the process of more comfortable.

Notes on the use of vinyl player

1. vinyl record player, please put on a horizontal surface, and then adjust the level of the turntable, the conditions can buy professional level, no conditions on the phone level can also be used, do not need the perfect level, just need to play the record when the turntable is more horizontal state can be.

2. Vinyl record player is afraid of vibration, so please put it in a stable place, away from the audio, speakers and other sources of vibration as far as possible (this is why we do not recommend the phono + speaker integrated machine reasons), record playback also try not to produce vibration, because the more obvious vibration will lead to light jump needle, heavy damage to the needle or record.

3. Before moving the arm must use the lever or button on the turntable to lift the arm, do not directly lift or move the arm in play by hand.

4. The needle has a service life, the specific life depends on the manufacturer of the needle to give the standard, life almost, sound quality decline, produce greater distortion, because of improper use of the needle damage, etc. need to replace the needle. Please remember that the needle is a consumable product.

5. The cartridge will generally come with a protective case, please do not throw it away, remember to remove the cartridge case before playing the record, if you forget this point directly play the record will lead to the protective case scratching the record, after the turntable is turned off, please also remember to re-install the cartridge case, it can protect the needle from accidental vibration or damage caused by collision.

6. For the record player without automatic arm lift function (most manual turntable do not have this function) if you do not lift the arm in time, the needle will be in the innermost circle of the record has been scratching down, so do not leave when playing the record, the music ends in time to lift the arm, if something needs to leave temporarily, please lift the arm back into place, stop the turntable.

7. What is needle skipping: needle skipping refers to the needle does not play the music according to the original track, performance characteristics for the music playing missing a section (track skipping), or constantly repeat a section of music (failure to smoothly into the next track), resulting in needle skipping generally speaking, there are several possible reasons.
-dust or stains on the record blocking the track leading to skipped stitches.
-deformation of the record causing skipped stitches.
-Scratched, defective records causing track damage.
-The needle pressure is too low. The first case can be solved by cleaning the record, the second can be solved by pressing the ballast and increasing the needle pressure, unless the deformation is really too serious, the third case can only be replaced.

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