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How to Clean A Record Player

How to Clean A Record Player

The huge popularity of vinyl records means that the digital medium is no longer a talking point for music lovers. More and more people are choosing records as the preferred way to play music. More importantly, with the right record player, it’s often the best way to treat your ears to your favorite bands. However, vinyl records generate static electricity that attracts dust to records and record players, so they need to be cleaned. But how to properly clean a record player?

Previously, we shared with you tips on how to care for your record player, and cleaning is one of the most important steps in maintaining it. Today, we will go into further detail on how to clean your record player.

Step One: Collect The Necessary Cleaning Materials

• Stylus cleaning brush

• Rubbing alcohol

• Anti-static dusting cloth

• Lint-free cloth

Step Two: Cleaning The Stylus

Use the stylus cleaning brush to clean your turntable's stylus. You need to use a brush to clean the stylus from back to front. Remember never to rub it side to side to avoid damaging impact. If you feel the stylus hasn’t been cleaned properly, you can use the rubbing alcohol in a very small quantity by simply dampening the brush in it and moving over the stylus again.  

Step Three: Cleaning the Surface

dust your record player's surface with an anti-static microfiber cloth. If you see fingerprints or other such stains on the surface, you can apply alcohol to the cloth. Next, place your microfiber cloth on the turntable. Start at the center and then wipe in a circular motion outward. Using rubbing alcohol will leave moisture on the surface, and you can use a dry lint-free cloth to remove the residue.

Step Four: Clean The Inside

After turning off the power, follow the instructions on the turntable to remove the dust cover and rubber mat. Then you can already see some of the inner workings. Carefully remove the belt and dispose of it with a cloth or alcohol. Meanwhile, clean the underside of the platter. Wait until all parts are completely dry. Then start reassembling the turntable.

Other Tips

• It is not necessary to repeat the internal cleaning procedure often. Once or twice a year is enough.

• Make sure to disconnect your record player from the mains before you clean it.

• Do not use your fingers to wipe the surface or the stylus.

• Never try to blow the stylus.

Dust often collects in hidden places, and your turntable is no exception. Proper cleaning will ensure that the sound quality of your record player is not damaged. If you want to buy a new record player with a dust cover to protect your turntable from dust, check out the Retrolife record player store.



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