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How to Take Care of Your Record Player

How to Take Care of Your Record Player

The almost magical sound of the record player is a memory for most of us. Although digital formats are reigning the music world, we can't deny the fact that vinyl record players were the primary way we listened to music until digital music gained popularity. If you owned a record player, you could appreciate the uniqueness of the classic vinyl sound quality. Today records and turntables are back in vogue, but most people probably don't know the proper way to care for vinyl record players. In order for your record player to produce the best sound quality, here are the tips what you need to know:

Clean Your Record Player

The best way to maintain your record player is to keep it clean. Some turntables come with dust covers that protect them from the outside world, but if yours doesn't, then it's worth investing.

In addition, cleaning the stylus is the most significant factor in keeping your record player clean. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants will significantly shorten the lifespan of your needle and damage your records. You can use a carbon fiber brush and a liquid or cleaner to keep your stylus in good condition. Cleaning your stylus regularly not only ensures a better listening experience for you, but also ensures a longer life for your records.

Keep the Record Player Level

A turntable is a delicate machine. Even the slightest tweak to the settings can affect the sound it emits. If it's on a wobbly or tilted table, the vibration will produce an annoying hum that'll spoil your music. Therefore, when playing records, place the record player on a sturdy surface so that it is level with the floor.

Replace the Belt

If you own a belt-driven turntable, you may need to replace the belt every few years.  When you begin to see it slide lower than usual on its pulley, or hear it slipping when you power up your device, it is a sign that you need to invest in a new one.

Built Your Own Speaker System

Music is full of subtle details that can be difficult to reproduce in a recording. That's why the live experience has such a strong appeal. With plenty of speakers, every tiny detail can be recorded at a sufficient volume. However, volume directly corresponds to the size and quality of the speakers you're listening to. While most record players have built-in speakers, the size of the speakers is limited by the record player itself, which means you need an external speaker setup if you want to bring out the subtle notes on the record. If you want a high-performance setup in your home, speakers are definitely a device you can consider.

The secret to keeping your record player in shape actually lies in regular maintenance. Learning how to care for your record player will help make it last longer and provide the best sound quality.

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