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How to Choose a High-quality Record Player that Suits You Best

How to Choose a High-quality Record Player that Suits You Best

People can have no pursuit, but life cannot. Maintaining a sense of ritual in life is always a small skill to improve the happiness of life. Light an aromatherapy lamp under the warm yellow light, turn on the dusty record in that evening, and awaken the time and space once imagined with auditory memory. But before that, you need a record player that suits you best.

1. Budget

Among all playback products, the budget determines how good a player you can buy. If the budget is 1000, then buy a 999 record player at most, and if the budget is 300, then buy a 299 record player. Remember not to think that you have to buy an audiophile product with a high price. The machine can be gradually upgraded as you play vinyl. If you reserve more budget to buy records, you may have a different experience.

Note: Brand selection of vinyl record players

When choosing a record player, you must choose according to your budget. There are different machines at different price points, and the effects shown are also different. Here Retrolife recommends that you buy a mid-to-low-end machine as your first record player. It will not lead to too high cost, and the sound quality effect is guaranteed.


2. Turntable classification

Vinyl record players are divided into independent record players and all-in-one players. The former is more atmospheric when paired with audio equipment, while the latter is convenient for listening to vinyl. Here is a picture of the classification of turntables and their advantages and disadvantages, please check:


Classification Details Advantages Disadvantages Others
By driver

belt drive 1. Good vibration and noise filtering for motors; 2. Many options for price and brand

1. There are consumables and long-term costs; 2. The belt is aging and the speed is unstable; 3. Many models need to manually adjust the belt and speed

In terms of performance, the external motor is better than the built-in one, and the turntable used is generally heavier, and the filter is thorough.

direct drive

1. Fast starting speed; 2. No consumables, low long-term cost; 3. Standard automatic speed change

1. There is a risk of conduction of motor working conditions; 2. There are not many options to drive

 According to the needs, whether to adjust the speed lever, strobe light and other functions

 By playback  full automatic

 1. One-button operation; 2. Generally, there is no need to worry about damage to the cartridge due to improper operation

 1. The automation module increases the burden on the tonearm, which affects the tracking and effect; 2. At the same time, the gear parts are easy to break

Some products on the market can support automatic/manual operation at the same time
 full manual

1. Relatively good tracking ability; 2. Good playback effect

1. There are many operating steps; 2. Improper operation will damage the cartridge

 half automatic

1. If there is no problem with the process route, the tracking ability is also guaranteed; 2. After playing, you can close it without hands

 1. There are many operating steps; 2. Improper operation will damage the cartridge

About the process route:

1. The turntable stops after playing: it solves the wear and tear, but the record player cannot be ignored all the time, after all, the cartridge has its own weight;

2. Automatic head-up after broadcasting: If you add the module to the tonearm, the burden is still there, you have to choose the module to add to the base.

3. Choose adjustable needle pressure

This is very important, it is related to the problems you will encounter when replacing, upgrading the cartridge and using it in the future. For machines that cannot be conditionally pressed, the manufacturer sets a fixed value when leaving the factory, but this value is not omnipotent, and the needle pressure used by different vinyls is also different. local) problem, if it is not pressurized at this time, then the problem cannot be solved. In addition, the weight of different cartridges is also different, some may be 3g, some may be 7g, if the acupressure tail rotor is fixed, then the upgrade will be greatly limited.


4. Choose what you like at first sight

If there is a product that you like at first sight, you don’t need to look too much at the parameters, but look for comparisons with other products, and place an order if you like it. Because for many products, the price determines many things. Products with almost the same price on the market have no major differences in many other settings except for the details. The parameters are similar, bluetooth, external connection, everything you need. It is possible to meet some functional differences, such as manual/automatic return arm, with/without USB interface, with/without grounding terminal and so on.

Here we recommend one of the most popular products sold since the launch of Retrolife's official website in 2021, the high-fidelity Bluetooth vinyl turntable audio system record player UD006. The following are the reasons why so many music lovers and vinyl collectors are willing to buy this record player through customer return visits:

1) Moderately priced

For the function and configuration of the product, this price is very cost-effective, and while this product guarantees high-fidelity sound quality, it is also the handle of a proper home atmosphere group. When not in use, placed in the room, it also looks very aesthetically interesting and expensive decorations.

2) Fusion of record player and room

The choice of a good-looking record player needs to consider the room layout. In addition to the style factor, space should also be considered. It not only needs to look like it does not take up any space, choose UD006, it not only looks like it does not take up any space, but also can be integrated with the space ingeniously. It will not be troublesome because too many tedious steps are required to listen to the record player once.

3) Audio-Technica cartridge, parts are easy to replace

Tier 3 has been focusing on the production of cartridges for nearly 60 years. This record player uses the AT-3600L moving magnet cartridge. In addition, the carbon fiber tonearm guarantees the sound quality. Consumable cartridges can be purchased and replaced at any time on our website.

4) Belt-drive belt drive system, manual tonearm control

Full manual playback experience, the feeling of returning to the original in the era of automation, the belt system offsets the vibration of the motor, the music playback is more stable, and you can enjoy the tranquility of the music in the fast-paced time as the record turns round and round.

5) Factory direct selling price, with discount, more favorable

Super cost-effective guarantee, whether it is an entry-level product or an upgraded turntable, it is worth buying!

6) Advanced music experience

Vinyl turntable + stereo = music feast. There is no need for additional speakers. As a split machine, it can be directly and easily connected to the turntable and speakers, and the music will not cause damage to the records. For listening to music, a split vinyl record player is more suitable!

7) Bluetooth input and output

Whether it is connected to a Bluetooth speaker to play records, or used as a speaker to directly connect to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other Bluetooth devices to play digital music.


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