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2021 Holiday Gifts for Vinyl Lovers: Turntables and Accessories

2021 Holiday Gifts for Vinyl Lovers: Turntables and Accessories

As we step into the festive season, the quest for the perfect gifts for vinyl lovers in our lives becomes paramount. The resurgence of vinyl has not only brought warmth and richness to our listening experience but has also rekindaled a love for the physical presentation of music. For those who cherish the tactile pleasure of dropping a needle on a record, finding the right gifts can encapsulate the essence of this beloved hobby. We understand the unique allure of vinyl and the importance of complementing it with the finest accessories and equipment.

In this article, we delve into a curated list of exceptional gifts that promise to elevate the vinyl experience. From the sleek elegance of the Retrolife HQKZ-006 Turntable to the precise audio fidelity offered by the Audio Technica ATN-3600L Cartridge, each recommendation is crafted to thrill any vinyl enthusiast. We'll also explore essential accessories like the Record Cleaning Brush and the Turntable Mat, ensuring every listen is as flawless as it is enjoyable. For those looking to enhance their setup further, the inclusion of high-quality speakers, like the Edifier R1700BTs Active Speakers, affirms our commitment to enriching the vinyl listening journey. Our guide encapsulates the finest in turntables, cartridges, cleaning essentials, and even speakers, ensuring your gifts resonate as deeply as the music they're meant to celebrate.

HQKZ-006 Turntable

The HQKZ-006 Turntable starts at $199.99 and is designed to make audiophile-grade playback more accessible. It features aluminum or carbon fiber, known for its low resonance and superior vibration-damping properties, ensuring that the stylus moves freely without distortion and captures more musical detail. The turntable comes ready to play with a pre-installed cartridge and boasts an adjustable stainless steel counterweight for precise balance and tracking.

HQKZ-006 Features

Key features of the HQKZ-006 include an aluminum platter, which effectively minimizes unwanted vibrations. Additionally, the turntable offers easy speed changes between 33 and 45 RPM with a simple turn of a knob, courtesy of an advanced motor controller that maintains pinpoint speed accuracy.

HQKZ-006 Customization

This turntable allows for significant customization. The adjustable counterweight ensures that you can precisely level your turntable, optimizing sound clarity. Moreover, the optional built-in phono preamp lets you connect the turntable directly to your favorite audio components without needing additional equipment.

HQKZ-006 Sound Quality

The HQKZ-006 is renowned for its clear and detailed sound quality. It features an ATN-3600L cartridge that delivers smooth bass, punchy mids, and articulate highs, making it ideal for a wide range of musical genres. The precision gimbal bearing design of the tonearm ensures accurate tracking and reduced friction, which enhances the overall audio experience by minimizing distortion and improving imaging. Whether playing low-key, sentimental tracks or vibrant, loud music, the HQKZ-006 handles it with ease and finesse, filling the room with dynamic and spacious sound.

ATN-3600L Cartridge

ATN-3600L Specifications

The ATN-3600L, known for its exceptional sound playback, features a moving magnet design with a superfine polished elliptical bonded diamond stylus measuring 0.6 mils. Its aluminum alloy cantilever ensures stability and durability. Key specifications include a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, an output voltage of 2.5mV, and a channel separation of over 18dB, and it operates optimally within a tracking force range of 3.5±0.5g.

ATN-3600L Performance

I've found the ATN-3600L to deliver a rich and detailed audio experience, enhancing the warmth and clarity across various music genres. Its ability to handle both the subtle dynamics of classical music and the intense energy of rock with equal finesse is particularly impressive. Users often note its balanced soundstage and the ability to bring out the 'oh, wow' moments in music due to its precise tracking and impactful bass.

ATN-3600L Longevity

Despite its robust build and superior sound quality, the ATN-3600L is often discussed for its stylus lifespan. Typically, Audio Technica recommends replacing the stylus after about 150-200 hours of playtime, which is considerably shorter than some competitors. This frequent need for replacement should be considered when assessing the overall cost of ownership of this cartridge. However, many users report satisfactory performance well beyond this period, depending on usage and maintenance.

Record Cleaning Brush

The Record Cleaning Brush is a staple for any vinyl enthusiast aiming to maintain the pristine condition of their record collection. Its unique design and effectiveness in removing dirt and static make it an invaluable tool.

Brush Design

The design of the Record Cleaning Brush features a proprietary cleaning pad that effectively digs deep into the grooves of vinyl records, extracting dirt and grime that can affect sound quality. The ergonomic handle enhances the user's grip, allowing for precise pressure application during cleaning. This brush can be utilized either as a wet-cleaning tool or a superb dry brush, making it versatile for different cleaning needs.

Brush Effectiveness

What sets the Record Cleaning Brush apart is its ability to maintain records in a near-silent condition during playback. This is achieved through its optimized electrical path from the carbon-fiber bristles to the handle, which discharges static electricity effectively. The result is a significant reduction in dust, debris, and other contaminants. Additionally, its ability to spread cleaning fluid evenly across the record's surface ensures thorough cleaning without leaving residues.

Brush Maintenance

Maintaining the Brush is straightforward. It is recommended to rinse the brush thoroughly before its first use to remove any residual fibers from the manufacturing process. For ongoing care, simply clean the brush with pure water and dry it with a lint-free cloth. The cleaning pad itself is durable, designed to clean hundreds of records before needing replacement.

This brush is particularly recommended for those who prefer a manual cleaning process, as it performs exceptionally well without the need for a suction-type machine, ensuring your vinyl collection remains in top condition.

Edifier R1700BTs Active Speakers

Edifier R1700BTs Specifications

The Edifier R1700BTs speakers come equipped with tweeters and drivers, ensuring a robust sound profile. They offer a peak power of 66 Watts Total RMS and a frequency response ranging from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. These specifications contribute to delivering a high-fidelity audio experience suitable for various listening environments.

Edifier R1700BTs Sound Quality

Users have praised the Edifier R1700BTs for its great sound quality and ease of setup. The speakers are known for their ability to deliver detailed sound across the entire living space, evoking a range of emotions through their powerful audio output. The combination of advanced materials in the drivers and tweeters enhances the overall acoustic performance, making these speakers a top choice for both casual listening and more demanding audio setups.


Through this thoughtful exploration of the most coveted gifts for vinyl enthusiasts, from state-of-the-art turntables like the HQKZ-006 to the nuanced audio provided by the ATN-3600L Cartridge, and the aesthetic appeal and functionality of accessories like the Record Cleaning Brush, we've traversed the landscape of auditory delight that enhances the vinyl listening experience. Each item has been selected not only for its ability to improve sound quality and listening enjoyment but also for its contribution to the physical interaction and emotional connection we have with music. These recommendations embody the essence of what it means to appreciate music in its most tangible form, ensuring that every vinyl lover's collection remains as dynamic and rich as the music pressed into those grooves.

The significance of these selections reaches beyond mere product specifications; they represent a broader commitment to celebrating and preserving the art of music. As vinyl continues to afford us a unique way to engage with music, the accessories and equipment highlighted offer a pathway to deepen that connection, not just for the individuals who will receive these gifts but for the music community at large. By suggesting avenues for further exploration and highlighting the importance of quality and care in the vinyl experience, we encourage a continued appreciation of the rich, warm sounds that only vinyl can deliver. Let these ideas inspire not just your holiday gift-giving but a year-round journey into the depth and breadth of music in its most physical form.


What are some great gift ideas for someone who is passionate about vinyl? For vinyl enthusiasts, consider these top gift ideas:

  • "Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks" book.
  • A sturdy Steel Vinyl Record Rack.
  • A stylish Play & Display Record Frame.
  • A unique Personalised Limited Edition Vinyl Record Clock.

Who is interested in purchasing old vinyl records?

  • Old vinyl records can be sold to local and nationwide record stores, local buyers, and through online platforms like eBay and Flipsy. Some used bookstores and specialized Record/Music stores may also be interested in buying them.

What are the reasons behind the continued popularity of vinyl players?

  • Vinyl players are cherished because they deliver superior sound quality. Vinyl provides a warmth and depth that digital files often fail to replicate. Additionally, vinyl records maintain the original uncompressed recording, unlike many digital formats.

Is the popularity of vinyl records increasing?

  • Yes, vinyl records have seen a significant resurgence in popularity. In 2021, the sales volume of vinyl records in the US increased by 68%, and the total sales revenue rose by 55% compared to 2020, reaching $1 billion in sales for the first time since 1985.
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