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Which New-look Record Player Do You Prefer?

Which New-look Record Player Do You Prefer?

All-In-One Record Player R517

An Integrated record player that is a quality presentation from texture to sound. For vinyl beginners, this is the easiest way to get in touch with vinyl records without compromising the quality of the sound.

In a small size 17 "x14", you can easily put it anywhere. Coupled with 4 speaker units, extra-large cavities for more surging bass and clearer treble, the full-range speaker system delivers true stereo performance with detailed sound that fills the room.

Record Player with Speakers R612 Upgrade

The R612 upgraded record player comes with a pair of Hi-Fi speakers that reproduce the original recording with bright highs, lyrical mids and smooth bass, and Bluetooth support. Play your favorite tracks on the speakers at an impressive volume, delivering warm, detailed sound throughout the room. Loud, three-dimensional sound is basically what you need for many occasions. Even when set to maximum, the dual powerful speakers are nice and clear. The uncompressed analog audio sounds fuller and more impressive than the compressed digital sound.

Turntable Size:

Speaker Size:

Check More Details: https://retrolifeplayer.com/products/record-player-with-speakers-r612

Modern Record Player HQKZ008

Advanced all-in-one turntable in the premium Black looking with light strip style and resonance damping feet that can ensure superior isolation from unwanted micro-vibrations. Built-in treble and bass 4 full-range stereo speakers, output HIFI stereo surround sound, take you to taste each vinyl.

Turntable Size

Check More Details: https://retrolifeplayer.com/products/modern-record-player-hqkz008

Bluetooth Turntable Record Player UD009

Vintage high-end Bluetooth turntable with true wireless freedom and precisely designed construction. Designed for those who want to play vinyl records with a proper hi-fi system. Offers the build quality usually associated with more expensive models, taking your playback to a new level.
Turntable Size
19.9" L x 16.3" W x 11.02" H


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