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Retrolife UD006 VS SY101

Retrolife UD006 VS SY101

We launched two products SY101 and UD006 in the core technology is no difference, the difference lies in a few details, if you are also torn between the two models do not know how to choose, then this article should be able to help you
The differences between UD006 and SY101 are as follows:
  • Bluetooth input & output

We have added the function of linking wireless Bluetooth speakers for UD006

  • 2*15W Speaker

There is no difference in the appearance of the speaker, UD006 only 15W

  • Nomal Moving Magnet Needle

UD006 uses our own brand development and production of the needle, which also belongs to the dynamic magnetic needle, can be adapted to the Audio-Technica cartridge

  • Button with Text Alert

Operation buttons are fully functional, with clear text prompts for easier operation

  • Bluetooth input

Connect phone Bluetooth to play music

  • 2*18W Speaker

SY101 is equipped with 18W speakers, better sound quality experience

  • Audio-Technica Moving Magnet Needle

SY101 is installed with an Audio-Technica moving magnetic cartridge

  • Turn off after 20 minutes without audio output

Designed ERP function to be more intelligent in automatically closing this function

  • Minimalist Button Design

The design of the operation buttons is very simple, so that the entire appearance of the jukebox grill looks more premium


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