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Our Story


【Our Mission】

Provide the vinyl lovers with best quality retro, vintage, and modern record players, and redefining the vinyl record player more in line with the younger generation.


【Our History】

2021.1 Focus on new product development

2021.6 First batch of products put into production

2021.12 Create the official website store

2022.1 Increase our brand awareness and influence through various social media platforms

2022.3 Have 3,000 loyal customers

In the future, there are infinite possibilities...


【Our Brand】

Retrolife is a new company formed by a group of young people who love vinyl music and record players.

From the start, we were just clubs formed around enthusiasts, communicating with and sharing with one another. Later, we found that the combination of trendy fashion and retro elements brought by our young people is a wonderful thing. We decided to do something about it!

Retrolife is committed to bringing retro elements to all young people, making "retro" a new fashion for the future.
Retrolife does not have a long history like other companies, but you can always believe in the advantages of our factory and the creativity of a group of young people!