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Know More R609

Q1. Can I connect a suitcase record player to external speakers?


Yes! You can connect a suitcase record player to an external active speaker via the RCA output port on the back and a signal cable. If you are using passive speakers, you can connect your suitcase to the amplifier/receiver driving your speakers via the same RCA output port.

Q2. Will the suitcase record player operate on 110 and 220 volts? 


The power supply included with the Retrolife R609 portable turntable operates in the 100-240V range according to the specifications printed on the power supply.

Q3. How does Bluetooth on a suitcase record player work?


The Bluetooth function on the suitcase record player is used to connect to music sources such as iPhones and laptops and transmit music wirelessly to the speakers in the suitcase. However, Bluetooth cannot be used to connect Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones, as it only has a Bluetooth receiver function (Bluetooth input).

Q4. How the Turntable Package?


Package included:

45RPM Adapter
Power cord
User manual

Q5. Can the sound quality of portable turntables be comparable to traditional turntables?


Portable turntables can perform as well as traditional turntables in sound quality, although the exact level of sound quality may vary depending on the make, model, and audio components used. Retrolife's portable turntables typically feature advanced technology and design to deliver high-fidelity sound quality. They are usually equipped with a high-quality speaker system or audio output interface, which can restore the detailed tone and warm audio character of vinyl records.

Q6. Does this portable turntable have a rev adjustment function to accommodate different types of vinyl records?


Yes, the Retrolife Portable Turntable has the function of speed adjustment to suit different types of vinyl records. Traditional vinyl records typically have two main rotational speeds: 33 1/3 RPM (revolutions per minute) and 45 RPM. And through the 45rpm adapter, it also supports the choice of 78RPM speed. In order to be compatible with different types of vinyl records, some portable turntables provide a speed adjustment switch or button that allows the user to switch between different speeds. By choosing the correct spin speed, you can ensure that the record spins at the proper speed for optimum sound quality and performance.