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Know More HQKZ-006

1. How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Speakers?

Answer from Retrolife:

Record player and Bluetooth speaker on, and wait for 5 seconds, the record will automatically connect to the Wireless Bluetooth speaker

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Video Tutorials

2. How to setup a turntable with speakers?

Answer from Retrolife:

HQKZ-006 supports connecting wired speakers and wireless Bluetooth active speakers.

Bluetooth version is 4.1, turn on your bluetooth speaker and the record player will automatically connect to the bluetooth speaker for playback.

Connect the turntable directly to the speakers using a 2-to-2 RCA cable. This model has a built-in phono equalizer function. You can use a turntable even if you don't have a phono amplifier or a connectable device with a built-in phono amplifier.

3. What is the package of HAKZ-006 included?

Answer from Retrolife:

Package included: 1xTurntable, 1xPower cord, 1xUser manual

4. Why belt fall off?

Answer from Retrolife:

Check if the belt is correctly positioned.
The belt may fall off during transportation, when you reinstall it again, you need to pay attention to place the belt 1-2mm away from the edge of the turntable
Placed in other positions may cause the belt to fall off after a few turns.

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