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How to Connect External Speakers

May 16,2022 | Retrolife

If you are new to vinyl turntables, setting up your turntable may feel a bit difficult, especially if you are also connecting any stereo system for the first time and should encounter many problems. When new to connect external speakers, just knowing the basics can make it a little less complicated.

If you buy a turntable with speakers, then the connection is very simple. Here will be divided into teaching you how to connect active speakers, and headphones.

Passive Speaker

If your speaker is a passive speaker, it needs to be connected to a preamplifier in order to be used with a record player
First connect the turntable to the preamplifier with an RCA cable. (Some turntables need to be grounded).
Then connect the preamp to the amplifier with an RCA cable.
Finally, connect the amplifier to the speaker.

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Active Speaker

Active speakers are divided into Bluetooth speakers and wired speakers.

- Wired speakers borrowed directly into the RCA interface can be used
- To connect wireless Bluetooth speakers, you first need to know the Bluetooth version of the record player and find the speaker that matches the Bluetooth version of the record player. Generally record players are automatically connected to Bluetooth after power on, some record players may need to be tuned to the Bluetooth button to connect.
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Connecting headphones also requires consideration of whether the turntable has a preamplifier, the turntable does not have a built-in circuit (amplifier) that directly drives the headphones, the correct way to connect headphones to the turntable is to use a dedicated headphone amplifier or a stereo receiver with a dedicated headphone output

- If your turntable has a built-in phono preamp, the headphone amplifier can be connected directly to the turntable.
- If you have a stereo receiver with a dedicated headphone output, you can simply connect your headphones to the receiver and use the receiver's built-in amplifier and volume control to drive the headphones.
- The third option for connecting the headphones to the turntable is to use Bluetooth wireless, as long as the Bluetooth version of the headphones matches the Bluetooth version of the record.

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