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How to balance your tonearm turntable?

May 26,2022 | Retrolife

The most important part of a vinyl record player is the cartridge, which directly affects its overall sound performance. That the quality of a phono Cartridge playing music in addition to the quality of the phono Cartridge itself, there are adjusted to the right needle pressure.

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Needle Pressure is Too Low:

1, murmur, the original can make up for the murmur, because not adjusted to the needle pressure leads to excessive murmur

2, the treble area, especially the trumpet or piano treble, there will be a rustling noise, indicating that the needle pressure is adjusted to a small

3, the tone of the record distortion, become false or the phenomenon of needle skipping, the record phonograph damage is huge

Needle Pressure Too High:

1, the bass region, dull and muddy no elasticity, no vitality of the tone dead

2, the pressure is too large, the impact of the scratch on the record itself, the needle record have damage

And there are two ways to adjust the needle pressure: one is the scale measurement method; one is the needle pressure meter measurement

1、Scale measurement method

First, the arm to 0 degrees (that is, parallel to the plane of the turntable), and then adjust the weight at the end of the arm, adjusting one degree outward to reduce 1g, adjusting one degree inward to increase 1g. Each phono manufacturers in the manual will be marked out the style of the needle pressure range, we can adjust to the appropriate range. This method will have errors, not accurate enough.

2, needle pressure meter measurement

You can buy a needle pressure meter for accurate measurement, the price is not expensive. We first place the needle pressure meter on the turntable, reset the weight to 0, and then place the phono head on the needle pressure meter to read the value, and then adjust the weight at the end of the arm, adjusted inward that is to reduce, outward that is to increase the weight, adjusted and then placed on the needle pressure meter to read the value, until the adjustment to the phono appropriate needle pressure value range.

For this situation, then we have a very practical vinyl phonograph recommended here. The new vinyl record player UD004 from Retrolife comes with the Adjustable Counterweight function, which allows you to adjust the pressure according to the actual situation to ensure a stable presentation of the sound effect. It is a friendly experience for newcomers to start vinyl phonograph.